Children's Leadership Roles

At Cranham C of E Primary School we believe in equipping children with a range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills within our community.  Children are encouraged to show courage in applying for roles of responsibility across the school.  These may range from Classroom monitor roles within their class, to responsibilities to lead teams, or Collective Worship across the school, or as Peer Mediators.  These responsibilities require the children to apply the values of Compassion, Courage and a pride in their Community.

We are proud of the children who take on these roles and recognise how they can take these skills into their future lives.

School Council 21.JPG

School Council 2021-2022

School Council meet fortnightly and play a vital role in providing a Pupil voice.  Each member of the team has a specific role and are lead by a Chairperson.  Responsibilities include: Charity Ambassador, Spirituality & Values Ambassador, Sports Ambassador, Nature & Environment Ambassador, Finance Ambassador and KS1 Spokesperson. 

Other Roles