Our Humanities Curriculum



Knowledge of the past is important for securing a better future. Our strong history curriculum at Cranham provides insight into human behaviour and, crucially, the links between different events and time periods. We seek to provide memorable experiences that will help the learning to 'stick', promote discussion and encourage empathy. Children are taught the skills to evaluate a range of evidence and draw conclusions from this. 

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Giving children strong foundations in Geography will enable them to understand the importance of caring for all the interconnected aspects of our precious planet. Our World is facing increasing challenges, therefore we have prioritised topics such as pollution and energy conservation in our Geography curriculum. Pupils are taught how to protect the environment and recognises the importance of this for future generations.

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Modern Foreign Languages

We teach Spanish at Cranham. Our Curriculum includes learning about Spanish culture and the roots of this language, which is spoken by 440 million people around the World.