At Cranham school, we wish to foster a love of reading and literature. We recognise the importance of reading, both for learning and for pleasure. Each class shares a wealth of well-known stories and new stories, each chosen to develop the children’s thinking and understanding and to build upon their vocabulary. As a school, we will encourage children to engage with a range of reading activities; from their independent reading; to whole class reading approaches. In addition, we complete a ‘Reading Passport’ each year, to ensure that pupils access a rich range of reading materials. We work closely with parents to establish regular reading habits, both at home and at school. We have an engaging reading scheme and a well-stocked library to ensure that all children can make great progress. The staff are committed to ensuring that each member of our community secures the ability to read accurately and with enjoyment. and we enjoy supporting our children in their journey to becoming fluent and enthusiastic readers.

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At Cranham school, we support children in developing their independent writing skills. We wish to build writers who are confident to take risks in their creative writing and secure in their writing skills. Children need to understand how to write for a range of purposes, and how impactful powerful writing can be. We seek to create writers who take pride in their work, yet recognise that drafting and editing are part of the writing process. We encourage pupils to take inspiration from their community and the World around them, their experiences and from other literary sources. We help children develop the supporting skills such as spelling and phonics, grammar and punctuation throughout their time at Cranham school, following a progressive approach as they learn. Pupils writing progress is celebrated through the creation of school books, display and awards. Pupils are provided with a rich range of writing opportunities across the curriculum.

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