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Our current learning

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Beech Class


Summer Term 1, Week 1: This week in Reception we will be:

  • Looking at the composition of 8 in Maths

  • Learning about pronouns, ck, initial consonant blends (dr, sp, gl etc), and y at the end of a word

  • Thinking about our families and how we have changed from when we were babies

Beech Class

Year 1 and 2

Spring Term 1, Week 6: This week's learning:

  • In English we will be working on setting descriptions and sentence types.

  • In Maths, Year 2 will be beginning a unit on Multiplication and Division and Year 1 will be starting a unit on addition and subtraction.

  • In R.E this week we will be developing our knowledge of different Parables and focusing on the big question ' What do Christians believe God looks like?'

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Oak Class

Year 3 and 4

Spring Term 2, Week 3: This week we will be :

  • Completing our units of work on addition in Maths.

  • Beginning our new class text 'The Great Kapok Tree'.

  • Testing our model rafts to see if they can carry Ava the polar bear back to the Arctic - we're so excited!

Hazel Class

Year 5 and 6

Spring Term 2, Week 3: This week's learning:

  • Year 5 Maths - Write any percentage as a decimal.

  • Year 6 Maths - Find complex sentences of an amount.

  • English - Revise apostrophes to mark contractions and possession.

  • Other - Develop safe, respectful and healthy online relationships and can recognise the signs of inappropriate and harmful online relationships.