Cranham C of E Primary School

Cranham C of E Primary School
Sowing the seeds of learning...

Children's Leadership

"Playtimes are positive, and pupils look after each other. Peer mediators help younger children solve disagreements. As a result, everyone is treated with dignity and respect."

(SIAMS Report 2023)

We believe in equipping children with a range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills in order to make a positive difference to the world around them.

We begin this as early as EYFS, by offering children roles of responsibility, for example, as safety monitors for the play area with their own check list to complete. Within Key Stage 1, children are encouraged to show courage in applying for roles of responsibility across the school. These may range from monitor roles within their class, to responsibilities to help lead teams or Collective Worship, to roles as Peer Mediators solving disputes at break times.  These responsibilities require the children to apply the values of compassion, courage and a pride in their community.

We are proud of the children who take on these roles and recognise how they can take these skills into their future lives.

As they move up through the school, it is important for our children to appreciate their role as part of a larger community, to take responsibility and to foster an understanding of their importance, impact and influence in the world. We encourage our children to be courageous advocates - to feel compassion for the injustices of the world around them and to have the courage to make a difference to their local, national and global community.

School Council:


School Council meet weekly and play a vital role in providing a pupil voice within the decision-making for our school.  Each member of the team has a specific role and are lead by a Chairperson. Responsibilities include: Charity Ambassador, Spirituality & Values Ambassador, Sports Ambassador, Nature & Environment Ambassador, Finance Ambassador and KS1 Spokesperson. 



School Council are also responsible for researching a range of charities every year which represent our school values and which often mean something personally to our council members. They present these to the rest of the school, and we choose by democratic vote. 

Other Leadership Roles:

Collective Worship Leaders

  • Year 6
  • Our collective worship leaders take responsibility for leading our celebration worship each week. 

School Librarians

  • Key Stage 2
  • The school librarian role is vital in maintaining a well organised and updated selection of quality texts.

Peer Mediators

  • Key Stage 2
  • Our mediators are vigilant at breaktimes and lunchtimes; they identify when a potential dispute is beginning, and use their training to intervene before it becomes a conflict by giving supportive advice and strategies. They remind our pupils to show compassion at all times by 'putting themselves in the other person's shoes'.

Lunchtime Monitors:

Key Stage 2

  • Encourage younger children to eat their lunches.
  • Model good behaviour in the dinner hall.
  • Initiate conversations to help younger children with friendships.

Reception Buddies!

  • Year 6
  • Our new Reception children are paired up with a Y6 buddy who takes responsibility for them throughout their first year with us.
  • They are someone to turn to when in need, they are a role model and they help to make our new children feel at home.