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Autumn Term 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

This autumn term will focus on the topic of Victorians and transport which links closely with the value of compassion.

We will look at what life was like to live during the reign of Queen Victoria between 1837 and 1901. We will follow the discovery of new inventions in science with a close look at Thomas Edison and the development of electricity. Hazel class will learn to develop skills in inventing, gathering and recording results and presenting new ideas in a variety of ways.

Alongside this in the second term we will be looking at the significant turning point in British history for transport, studying the great architect and engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. All children will help take part in adding to our class timeline, developing chronology skills and an understanding significant dates in the past e.g. the industrial revolution.

Hazel class will have immersed themselves fully in the Victorian life style by experiencing life outside of technology in the classroom and gaining an understanding of how different life was for Victorian children. At the end of the topic, all children will be able to identify how inventors and engineers from the past have impacted on modern day life.  

 Our trip to the Black Country Museum: Hazel Class had an amazing time visiting the Black Country Living Museum. We spoke to some shopkeepers, saw how Victorian homes would have looked and even had a Victorian school lesson!

Black Country Living Museum


Hazel Class experimented with making circuits to see what observations they could make about electricity. We all managed to create a working circuit! 

Spring 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

Throughout this topic we will be learning about plant and human life in our local community. Hazel class will be working scientifically by recording and gathering data through observations. With the data they have collated we will be working as scientists to analyse and evaluate using bar and line graphs. Key words we will be using throughout this term include fair test, dependent, independent and constant variable. Alongside the science of plants, we will also be learning about the benefits on health through a cooking unit. Hazel class will be able to track where their food comes from by starting at the beginning by growing and then cooking a food. Learning in computing will focus on algorithms and variables as there is a natural link with the cooking process. At the end of the topic, the children will be able to talk in detail about where their food has come from. They will understand the importance of plants and what their requirements are to grow successfully e.g. water, nutrients from the soil, sunlight etc. Additionally, final outcomes include; Focused work on non-fiction alongside the STEM focus- this will be seen through the format of a non-chronological report in both English and topic learning. 

Digestive System

Hazel class had a very messy Science lesson learning about how we digest our food. Click on the photos to see our steps!

The Boy Who Grew Dragons

This term we have been reading The Boy Who Grew Dragons. We were very excited to find out that Flicker the dragon from our story had sent us a letter giving us clues to go and find a present! We worked out that the answers to the clues spelled 'common', so we went up and managed to find that we had been gifted a magical egg! This egg (which we called Hatch) had the power to turn into whatever creature we wanted, so we took him back, built him a nest and then drew a picture of what creature we would like to hatch. As a result of Hatch, Hazel class have been inspired to write some amazing viewpoint narratives!

Hazel class hook


Summer 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?