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Sowing the seeds of learning...

Welcome to Oak Class Years 5 & 6


Our Year 5 and Year 6 children are taught together in a mixed-age class which allows staff to provide both stretch and support for children within the upper KS2 curriculum. Maths is taught discretely to each year group, with ample opportunity to consolidate and deepen understanding. They are taught by Mrs Carlyle and supported by Mrs Payton.

"We are brave in tough times"


Autumn Term 2023-24

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Spring Term 2023-24

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Summer Term 2023-24

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Autumn Term 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

This autumn term we will aim to inspire each other to engage with reading and writing. The units will continue to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history, establishing clear narratives within and across the periods they study by learning about a variety of key events from World War II and Ancient Greece. By the end of the first unit, all children will be able to recall facts such as some of the countries involved and key dates and explain the significance of the Battle of Britain. By the end of the second unit, all children will be able to talk about Ancient Greek gods and myths and some will be able to explain how and why the Greek Empire was so successful and be able to confidently describe how the political system worked.

The school value of compassion will run through the units of helping others during WW2 and understanding aspects of slavery through Ancient Greece.

The D.T learning during the Ancient Greece unit will be creating a sandal.


Oak Class thought carefully about what Her Majesty the Queen meant to us and produced some outstanding artworks:

Queen Art

Oak Class created some amazing artworks inspired by what Her Majesty the Queen meant to us


Spring Term 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

This unit of work will teach the children all about the Ancient Maya civilisation where the children will learn who the Ancient Maya people were and where and when they lived. By the end of this unit, all children will be able to read and write some basic Maya numbers, explaining what syllabograms and logograms are, and some children will explain different ritual elements of the ancient Maya religion and describe some of the main gods in greater detail. This topic will aim to inspire the courageous advocacy of my class. After half term we will have a big push on courageous advocacy, with the intention of getting the children passionate about the changing world around them. This will link into our community value and could end in a community project.

Cadbury World Trip

Click here for a link to our Cadbury World trip!

Scout Centre Visit

On Tuesday 7th February, our Year 6 children joined up with the Year 6 children from the Croft school to work as part of a wider community. The aims of the day were to become more familiar with new people; improve communication, understanding and co-operation; recognising each others strengths; sharing responsibilities and avoiding blame.

See pictures from the very productive day below!

Team Building Day

Year 6 visited the Scout Centre to work on their teamwork with The Croft.


Road to RIAT

Road to RIAT returns! This fantastic programme gave us the opportunity to explore the exciting world of STEM. It was generously funded by the RAF Charitable Trust, in partnership with the RAF and supported by Accenture. 

In the morning, we had the chance to get hands-on with STEM and unleash our creativity as we took part in an exciting activity – The Glider Challenge. Working in teams, students designed and built three gliders - each being unique in their form, shape, and materials.

See how we got on below!


Year 5/6 STEM morning - creating gliders

Year 6 Residential

See below for all of the pictures from an incredible week of activities!


Summer Term 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term? 

 This topic will aim to open the eyes of Cranham children to the big, wide world. It will give them a chance to experience different cultures and ways of life, comparing and contrasting them to their own.  In this unit about the U.S.A, children will first find out about the continents of North and South America, and the countries that form them. They will also look in more detail at some of the contrasting regions of the Americas, finding out about the landscape, climate and locations of each area. By the end of this unit, all children will be able to describe the human geography of an area of the U.S.A and will identify and similarities between the U.S.A and England. The units will aim to develop their courage to explore new ideas and try new things and whet their appetite to discover more of the world.

 'Flood' by Alvaro F. Villa

Y6 Transition sessions: