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Cranham C of E Primary School
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DT Implementation: How we teach and learn...

Our curriculum is delivered through carefully planned units of work and focus on four main ideas of development. Children explore the four main themes as the progress through their primary education that include:

  • Structures
  • Mechanisms
  • Textiles
  • Cooking and Nutrition

The units are delivered using a spiral curriculum: this means that each of the themes is revisited in each key phase, through units which consolidate and builds on prior learning. The design and technology curriculum is delivered by a range of teachers and includes visiting specialists where appropriate. Staff receive CPD from working alongside specialist teachers and craftworkers. Each unit of work has been planned with purposeful links to the class topics and takes account of the pupils' interests. As each theme is explored, children take time to study and evaluate previous designs and applications in real life contexts. They experiment with new ideas to gain understanding. Class discussion and reasoning takes place when evaluating work, with children encouraged to comment on strengths and weaknesses in their work and that of others. Staff take time to introduce and model the correct vocabulary for the units of work being completed and we take care to make links with previous learning. Teachers assess the pupils' understanding, application of skills and final pieces of work, along with their ability to evaluate.  We provide feedback to children as they progress throughout each unit of work and support individuals as required, ensuring that all learners experience the process of exploring, designing, making and evaluating. We strive to provide the children with opportunities to celebrate their designs and enable them to exhibit and display their final pieces where possible. The school is committed to adapt an environmentally friendly approach, and resources projects with care, making use of recycled materials when available.

The  EYFS  framework  is  structured  very  differently  to  the  national  curriculum, yet pupils are given daily opportunities to develop their creativity and their use of simple tools.  They too explore across the year the four main concepts, through a more play-based experience and linked to topics chosen throughout the year.

What DT teaching looks like in EYFS:

The children have access to continuous provision for designing and making.  They use the 'Creation Station' that is regularly refreshed with new materials to explore their ideas. 


What DT teaching looks like in Key Stage 1:

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What DT teaching looks like in Key Stage 2:

DT Key Stage 2 cookery

Road to RIAT returns! This fantastic annual programme gives us the opportunity to explore the exciting world of STEM. It is generously funded by the RAF Charitable Trust, in partnership with the RAF and supported by Accenture. 

Oak Class had the chance to get hands-on with STEM and unleash our creativity as we took part in an exciting activity – The Glider Challenge. Working in teams, students designed and built three gliders - each being unique in their form, shape, and materials. See how we got on below!


Year 5/6 STEM morning - creating gliders