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Cranham C of E Primary School
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DT Intent: How we plan for this subject...

Our DT curriculum is designed so that children are able to make links with wider curriculum areas such as mathematics, science, computing, art and the humanities, where they can apply their skills to practical tasks and projects. We use Kapow as a supporting scheme, and learning is tailored so that, with time taken to explore and evaluate past and present designs, the children are able to understand the impact of everyday objects on their lives in the worldwide community. Care is taken to ensure that all learners are given the opportunity to engage in practical tasks, and support is provided where necessary to reach successful outcomes.

DT in the Early Years Foundation Stage:

The foundation blocks for learning are set in the Early Years, where the children regularly explore a range of resources including constructions toys, craft materials, simple tools and joining techniques. Here the children evaluate their creations verbally when looking to make improvements. Supporting children in following and exploring their own interests allows for a greater depth of learning and understanding and much higher levels of wellbeing and engagement. Adults in the classroom can model how to use design and technology to aid children in their pursuits and scaffold the learning so that they can reach a deeper level of understanding. Here the children evaluate their creations verbally when looking to make improvements. 

Curriculum Documents

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 DT Curriculum Unit Outcomes

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