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Geography is taught within the broader context of topics, making links and connections between geographical learning and other areas of the curriculum in order to inspire pupils and support linking of concepts and ideas. It is taught throughout the year with a seasonal term dedicated to ensuring a geography topic is explored in greater depth. Staff have identified key geography skills and these are revisited and assessed on an ongoing basis in lessons. The pupils have access to a vast amount of outdoor space, including woodlands and common land, this allows children to be hands on with the environment. Our planning makes the most of the opportunities for fieldwork that this presents. The children become geographers through collecting, analysing and then communicating their findings from this fieldwork. Through our geography curriculum children have opportunities to investigate and interpret a range of geographical locations in Britain and across the wider world. Children’s knowledge development is supported by the provision of Knowledge organisers. Geography provides excellent opportunities to support all learning abilities through investigations, outdoor learning and analysing data. Where possible, we follow lines of enquiry and interest to our learners and make links with our school value of ‘community’, both locally and across the world. We assess children’s understanding of topics taught through creating floor books or double page spreads. 

 Erosion in KS2

In Oak Class, we created models out of tissue paper, paper towels and craft paper which showed a coastal region. We used a mixture of PVA glue and water to be able to mould the paper into the desired shapes.

We then showed how, over thousands of years, coasts would change due to erosion and deposition.

Have a look below and see if you can see how the coasts changed. Can you see any stacks, stumps or arches?

Stumps, stacks, arches and erosion


KS1 Technology in Geography