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History Intent: How we plan for this subject...

Knowledge of the past is important for securing a better future. Our strong history curriculum at Cranham Cof E school, provides insight into human behaviour and, crucially, the links between different events and time periods. Our history curriculum uses the National Curriculum as a basis, with in-depth studies in areas of particular interest to Gloucestershire such as the Romans. When selecting significant people or events to study, we included a wide range of cultures, as we currently have a heavily White British demographic at Cranham. History is taught throughout the year, but is a heavy focus in the Autumn, as part of our Past, present, future approach. Areas of study are linked into a ‘topic’ framework, so that learning in other subjects compliments the history learning. History is planned using ‘Big questions’ promoting the curiosity that is central to the subject. The learning is sequenced in phases to support our mixed age teaching, with progression secured through our skills document. Pupils in EYFS learn about the past in terms of their own development from babyhood, and in terms of direct family connections. This provides a good basis for the work on history within living memory in Key Stage 1.

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