Cranham C of E Primary School

Cranham C of E Primary School
Sowing the seeds of learning...

Music Implementation: How we teach and learn...

We use Kapow (an online resource) to support our music teaching as it is a clear and progressive scheme of work that covers all the National Curriculum requirements in a way that allows skills to be developed and revisited across the year groups. This scheme of work has been adapted to cater for all of the children in our school, and where possible, to link to class topics. Each unit allows for pupils to be growing the seeds they have previously been sown, with each year group being given the opportunity of revisiting and developing skills they have previously learnt. In KS1, the focus is more on experimentation of sounds, instruments and genres, whereas by KS2 children are starting to hone their skills to make more complex compositions in music.

Across the school we encourage active listening to music from different genres and artists on a weekly basis. Music is also used to aid concentration during morning work and for more creative tasks throughout the school.

Singing is at the heart of music in Cranham and is practised outside of music lessons during our Singing Worship weekly. Children in KS2 are given the opportunity to join the school choir club, who take a leading role in Singing Worship, community singing events, and also get the opportunity to perform as a group. The school sing carols at Christmas time and participate in singing at the Church for community events throughout the year.