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Cranham C of E Primary School
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School Meals

"The weekly picnic lunches on the field enable all staff, governors, and children to come together. These are served by the school’s chef, who takes care to provide locally grown, restaurant quality food. This adds to a feeling of community, forges relationships and demonstrates care by all."

(SIAMS Report 2023)

Cranham Primary School are very fortunate to have our meals cooked on site by The Great Plate (see below for information and this term's menu). We ask that meals are booked in advance through ParentPay. Meals should be booked by Tuesday for the following week. Please contact the school office if you are having any difficulties with this.

In the summer months, our whole school gathers for a picnic on the field every Wednesday lunchtime. The Great Plate provide filled baguettes / hotdogs, vegetable and fruit kebabs, cake and homemade lemonade. What a special time for our children!

They also organise an annual taster session for parents. Make sure you don't miss out this year.

Universal Free School Meals:

Universal Free School Meals are available to all children in Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2). There is no need to apply for this, but meals still need to be booked in the usual way through ParentPay.

Meals are available to Key Stage 2 children at a cost.

If you believe your family circumstances may entitle your child to free school meals, please apply via the Gloucestershire County Council portal, even if eligible for Universal Free School Meals.

What do parents say about our school meals?

We are really very happy with the healthier food options; Mr Black is outstanding in both cooking and relating to the children.
My daughter came home today saying lunch was the greatest thing she had ever tasted! She said it was 'amazing' and 'delicious', even the sweetcorn which she doesn't usually like. And Mr Black's homemade yoghurt was 'the best ever'!
Super healthy varied menu which has encouraged my daughter to try more than she would have.
We are really impressed with the meals!
I brag about this all the time at work to clients! People are so envious that the children are offered such fantastic meals.
Brilliant meals; credit to the chef!
This is really excellent - high quality, whole, non-processed foods are so important both physically and mentally, and help with learning.
I am so happy with this change. Thank you!