Cranham C of E Primary School

Cranham C of E Primary School
Sowing the seeds of learning...

Welcome to Beech Class Early Years

Where we begin to sow the seeds...

Reception children learn alongside KS1 children in Beech Class but focus separately on the EYFS statutory framework under the care of Mrs Gardner-Wilce and Mrs Hodges. Early Years Foundation Stage is all about creating a safe, warm and loving environment and fostering a sense of belonging and identity. We are sensitive and responsive to each child's needs, feelings and interests, and are always supportive of their own efforts and independence. We provide stimulating resources and rich learning opportunities through play and playful teaching, and we support children to take risks and explore within the safety of clear boundaries.

We ensure:

  • the best for every child
  • high-quality care
  • a well designed curriculum (what we want children to learn)
  • staff who are highly experienced and supported with pedagogy (helping children to learn)
  • ongoing assessment (checking what children have learnt)
  • nurturing self-regulation and executive function
  • a strong partnership with parents

"We spread kindness like falling leaves"

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Autumn 2023-24

beech class eyfs topic web autumn b.pdf


Higgledy Piggledy Nativity

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Spring 2023-24

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Summer 2023-24

Autumn 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

We are so thrilled to have our new beginners with us as the very youngest members of our Cranham family... what an exciting year they have ahead!

This Autumn, we will start the year with a short theme 'All about Me'. We will take time to explore getting to know each other, our likes and dislikes, and all about our interests. Through a breadth of activities, we will discover the world using our senses, learn to name our body parts and how to look after ourselves.  We will learn about how we are similar and how we differ, learning to respect each other and how to care for our school family. We will begin our exciting journey to become readers and writers through phonetic play and experimentation. Our early mathematical understanding will be practically based as we begin to build the firm foundations on which to grow.

Making Friendships

The children had a great first day at school.  They met their Year 6 Buddies and received their Cranham Bears. The Buddies took the children on a tour of the school and later read stories with them. 

EYFS Starting School and forming friendships



The children quickly bonded this term and have made some great friendships.  They work happily together to solve problems together,

EYFS Teamwork

Mark Making

The children have had fun exploring mark making in a range of contexts.  The can talk confidently about their work, explaining what they are doing. 

EYFS Mark making


Spring 2022-23

 How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

This topic will focus on exploring toys, both past and presentThey will talk about their favourite toys and about those that are liked by othersThey will sort and categorise toys, for instance construction / role play etc. Throughout the topic they will be encouraged to engage with a wide range of toys and learn how these have developed over timeThey will learn and participate in a wide range of playground games and also learn common nursery rhymes and actions. 

Spring Term Fun

This term we have had fun exploring the theme of 'Toys'.  We were lucky to be able to have a collection of old toys loaned to us by the Museum in the Park, Stroud.  In addition to the loan of the toys, we shared a zoom session with one of their experts.  

The children had fun learning about toys from the past and present, talking about their own favourite toys and creating their own Toy Shop. 

Spring term 2023


Trip to West Midland Safari Park

The Reception group were excited to join the rest of Beech class on the class trip to the safari park.  They showed courage when learning more about a range of animals and many were brave enough to touch a bearded dragon, or even the hissing cockroach. 

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Summer 2022-23

 How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?