Cranham C of E Primary School

Cranham C of E Primary School
Sowing the seeds of learning...

Science Impact: What the results look like...

At Cranham Primary, progress is measured through a child’s ability to know more, remember more and explain more. This can be assessed in different ways in our units. The use of questions ensures opportunities are built into the lesson for ongoing assessment.

The learning environment across the school is consistent with science technical vocabulary displayed, spoken and used by all learners. Children who feel confident in their science knowledge and enquiry skills are excited about science, show that they are actively curious to learn more and see the relevance of what they learn in science lessons to real-life situations and also the importance of science in the real world.


What science looks like in KS1:

KS1 Science : Living things 2022

KS1 Science: animals including humans

What science looks like in KS2:

Digestive System: Hazel class had a very messy Science lesson learning about how we digest our food. Click on the photos to see our steps!



Mysterious God,

Most of the time we can explain what happens in the world by science

But sometimes we may see a glimpse of something beyond:

The joy of making a new friend,

The excitement of being able to do something today which we couldn’t do yesterday,

The delight of warm sun on our faces or splashing in cold puddles.

In these wow moments, when we’re aware of something beyond,

Help us to be open to the idea of you, God.