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Cranham C of E Primary School
Sowing the seeds of learning...

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Sowing the seeds of learning through courage, compassion and community.

(from the Parable of the Sower Matthew 13: 1-23)

 The Sower


As a rural school, with many farming families, this parable makes sense to both our children and parents who can identify fully with the analogy of growth, and of flourishing under the right conditions. The children are able to make clear comparisons with academic learning: those who don’t want to try to understand; those who begin to understand but don’t focus enough to let the knowledge take root; those who are distracted by the world around them which chokes away the understanding; those who listen fully, understand and let the knowledge grow in their heart so that they can go on to teach others.

But of course, the real power of this  parable is in our spiritual growth: the courage and effort it takes to nurture

the good seed within us, despite the distractions of the world around us, to be the very best versions of ourselves and to flourish spiritually, academically, physically, socially and mentally. ‘Sowing the seeds of learning’ reflects our desire to nurture the goodness inside each of us within our school community, both adult and child, so that we flourish in every way, and then go on to spread that goodness a hundred times what was sown; Cranham Church of England Primary strives to provide the fertile soil and the nurture required for this.

Our Values

Our whole school community was very much involved in the development of our vision, and we love how it celebrates everything we do at Cranham! The phrase ‘Sowing the seeds of learning’ reflects our desire to ignite an interest in the world, and a passion for learning, that will be sustained into adulthood. We then felt that it was important to focus in on a small number of core values. Workshops for parents and children led us to an emphasis on compassion for each other and courage, particularly in our learning and transitions. Everyone wanted the strength of our wonderful community to be part of our vision too.


Through Collective Worship, we focus in detail on each of our values every long term...

Autumn term: Compassion (including forgiveness, generosity and friendship)

Spring Term: Community (including thankfulness, trust, respect and service)

Summer Term: Courage (including justice, truthfulness and perseverance)

Our Ethos Statement

At Cranham Church of England Primary School we pride ourselves on being a caring family. We aim to uphold Christian values, respecting each other's beliefs whilst maintaining strong links with the parish church and the local community. We nurture respect, awareness of spirituality and the moral development of each individual.

Core British Values

All schools are required to teach ‘British Values’. We promote ‘British Values' alongside our core teachings. We also hold two British values days each year. 

Further information can be found in our British Values Policy

Our Promises

Staff and governors worked together to establish these three key promises, which link to the three parts of our vision too. The promises we make to our children are the same as those that we make to all our stakeholders.

  • By listening to you, we will care for you and ensure your safety and well-being.

  • By providing a Christian foundation, we aim to help you to achieve your potential, both as a person and as a learner.

  • By providing an exciting curriculum, we hope to enrich your time at school, and enable you to step confidently into your future

What did SIAMs say about our vision?

The distinctive Christian character of Cranham is clearly demonstrated through its commitment to the inclusion of all pupils regardless of their ability or background, whether they have faith or no faith. All are made welcome and benefit from being part of an inclusive and nurturing school community where Christian values are linked to Bible teachings and the life of Jesus Christ. Parents speak warmly of the impact of the school’s Christian ethos which is made tangible in the care and support their children receive from staff at the school. When reflecting on the charitable organisations which they support, pupils readily articulate that their motivation comes from the fact that Jesus cared for everyone and therefore they should do likewise. Relationships between all members of the school community are built on trust and mutual respect linked to the core Christian values of the school. This impacts positively upon pupil behaviour and levels of attendance that remain consistently above average. 

The collective vision of the school, which is to ensure all children feel valued and that they respect and value all others within a strong Christian foundation, was discussed with all stakeholders and as a result staff, pupils and parents can articulate this shared vision resulting in them feeling empowered and having a clear voice within the school.

The school’s Christian vision has been clearly identified and the core Christian values have been revisited and chosen by the whole school community. This has resulted in a whole school commitment at all levels to ensure the positive impact of the Christian ethos and values. This in turn has led to a renewed focus on the distinctiveness of Cranham as a church school which is now beginning to impact on every aspect of school life. There is an inclusive, nurturing ethos which is testament to strong Christian leadership at all levels. Parents can identify how the school’s Christian values impact on their children’s behaviour and attitudes and they feel welcome and involved in the life of the school. They are confident in the school and the way in which, through the positive modelling of Christian values, it gives their children an excellent start in their educational and spiritual journey.