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Cranham C of E Primary School
Sowing the seeds of learning...

Welcome to Beech Class Years 1 & 2

Sowing the seeds...

As our children step up to the KS1 curriculum, we gradually transition towards a more structured learning environment, although there is still plenty of emphasis on child-led learning and learning through play. KS1 children are taught by Mrs Hodges within a mixed class of Year 1 and Year 2 which allows staff to provide stretch for children within the KS1 curriculum alongside the opportunity for us to support those who need more time to consolidate their understanding. Beech Class is supported by Mrs Carr and Mrs Voyce.


"We spread kindness like falling leaves"


Autumn 2023-24

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Community Litter Picking

During one of our Outdoor Learning sessions this term, we went out to do our bit for our local community ahead of their weekend village Autumn tidy up.  We collected 2 black bags of rubbish! Click here to see our photos.


Higgledy Piggledy Nativity

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Spring 2023-24

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Summer 2023-24

Autumn Term 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

This topic will focus on looking into the people who help us both in fiction and real life. They will think about how people help us in our community, wider area and the world in whole.  They will consider what it means to be heroic.  Later we will explore the natural world, discover the elements needed for successful plant growth and make links with how plants and trees support human life (see the gallery at the bottom of the page). At the end of this topic the children will be able to confidently identify significant people who have helped us in the past and present.  They will know what contributions they have made and relate this to their own lives.

Beech Class visited St. James the Great to sign the book of condolences for the late Queen Elizabeth II.


 Our Christmas Nativity:

Spring 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

This topic will focus on how we look after ourselves and others, and how we were created. We will make close links to Christian stories and the Easter story.  We will recognise that humans are animals, and study the human body, as well as a range of animals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will learn about how art can depict aspects of the natural world, and how famous artists have been inspired by the beauty that nature provides.  

  • At the end of this topic, the children will be able to identify and classify a range of living creatures.  They will be able to confidently talk about similarities and differences in living animals. 
  • The children will be able to talk about the work of a well-known artist and recognise how our environment can provide inspiration for creative work. 

Have a closer look at our science learning here.

Octopus Shocktopus

This term we have read the story Octopus Shocktopus.  We were excited to find that a real octopus came into class whilst we were out at play!  We all looked at the octopus with care before Mrs Wilce dissected it for us to see how its body is formed. We have had a lot of fun finding out about octopuses and now feel like experts. We were also extremely lucky to interview Miss Scott from Oxford University; she told us some fascinating facts. As a result of our learning, we have completed information texts about Octopus.  Watch this space... 

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day.  We had the choice whether to come to school in our Pyjamas, or to dress up as a well loved character from one of our books.  Throughout the day we shared many favourite stories with friends, buddies, staff and visitors.  In Beech class we also joined in with a live Zoom session with the BBC World Book Day team, with the author and illustrator of Dave the Pigeon. 

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Trip to West Midland Safari Park

On Thursday 16th March, Beech Class visited the Safari park to enhance the learning  in class.  We were fortunate to have a 'hands-on session' during the visit, where we learnt about a range of interesting animals.  We were even able to handle a hissing cockroach! 

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Mothers' Day Art

We were all really excited to use our portraiture skills (Learnt in the Autumn Term) to create artwork of our amazing mums. Check out some of our creations. 


Summer 2022-23

How will we sow the seeds of learning this term?

This topic will look at the different styles of houses and homes, (past and present) and the places they might be found, and type of people who live in them. We will think about their construction and the materials used, and construct models of our own. We will make links to British royalty and the values they demonstrate, noting how they contribute to our Fundamental British values. We will plot significant castles found in the United Kingdom on a map and look closely at their locations, noting specific geographical features located near them.

  • At the end of this topic, children will be able to identify how houses and homes have changed over the years, and talk about how these changes have changed our lives for the better. 
  • They will understand what is meant be our ‘Fundamental British Values’ and be able to give examples of these.