Cranham C of E Primary School

Cranham C of E Primary School
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RE Impact: What the results look like...

“The positive results of pupils’ learning can be seen in the standards they achieve.”

(Ofsted, 2019)

At Cranham Primary, our children value RE because they know that knowledge is power and, that to be able to show compassion for our world community, we need to understand and appreciate it. Our RE curriculum helps children develop personally as they question and explore their own beliefs; it complements our weekly spirituality sessions perfectly and allows the children to engage in collective worship which a much greater degree of confidence and authority.

Key Stage 1 outcomes:

Key Stage 2 outcomes:

What did SIAMs say about how we deliver RE?

RE is highly valued by the school and makes a good contribution to its Christian distinctiveness.


Pupils enjoy RE and have a growing understanding of diversity by exploring global issues and through the recent introduction of a themed RE week which promotes more depth of learning.


The contribution of RE to pupils’ SMSC development is very good. Year six pupils discussed the Nativity and the complex fact that Jesus had ‘two fathers’ with great maturity and a growing understanding through their excellent questioning skills.


A strength of RE is that it promotes the pupils’ understanding of the school’s core Christian values with pupils knowing their responsibility to look after each other and the world around them.